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Johnston County's Southern Fusion Food Truck! 


Welcome to Ella's Eats
Food Truck! 

Image by Annie Spratt

Our Mission

To spread TASTY EATS and POSITIVITY one PENNY  and MILE at a TIME!

We want to spread happiness and positivity everywhere we go!  What sets us apart is we will warmly greet each guest with ”Tell me something good”! After they tell us, they will get a penny. We refer to them as “Positive Penny’s”! We encourage our customers to take the pennies an do the same to a random person to spread more positivity and joy all around! 

Our Food

It is more than food! Food is art, love, culture, happiness and JOY! Our menu blends southern classics with a fun fusion twist! 


Need Catering and Event Planning?

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Check out Chefella's Catering and Events. 

No event is too big or small, WE DO IT ALL!

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