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What Makes Our Food Different?

New Kids On The Block

We started 5 years ago as Chefella's Cafe and Event Planning, and grew into so much more! After owning a small bistro in Smithfield NC, Gabriella knew it was time to try something different not only on the surface business level but offer a different culinary experience, there's no fun in the mundane after all! Gabriella brainstormed with Chef Chris and their vision became a reality.

Our story is simple; we want to bring you the best tasting food that you can get on the go! With the freshest ingredients and top notch recipes, we know that your taste buds will thank you. We are always searching for new ways to make delicious food while making sure it is fast and convenient for you! We want to keep you coming back for more! Cross Purposes

At Ella's Eats, we strive to be a truly unique food truck experience! Our new food truck will be rolling out on April 9th, and it's going to have a menu that is as unique as our brand: Southern classics with a fusion twist! Our food is made with love and passion. We want everyone to be able to try our food, from neighborhoods to corporate events, we're excited for you to fully experience our delicious cuisine!

You may think "fusion" means stuffing every flavor under the sun into one dish, but that's not what we're doing here. We're taking all of those flavors and combining them into something totally new. We want you to discover your favorites all over again, in totally fresh ways. Good things come to those who EAT!

So what can you expect?

While our food is DEFINITELY southern, nothing on our food truck is traditional, and it's all in the effort of being new and exciting yet offering that comfort southern cuisine is known for. Think bacon jalapeno wontons, the perfect quick bite, or our cheesy chicken meltdown to soothe your lunch cravings, or enjoy our carnival cheesecake as the perfect way to end your meal!

Some of our menu items may look peculiar at first, but we encourage you to be adventurous! Our Chef has curated an assortment of favorites making them wholly unique. Love street food? Try out our side eats, featuring our main street corn, main street fries, and our cheesy meltdown fries! Each item is infused with southern flourishes you're sure to appreciate. If you're looking for something more adventurous, try our (soon to be famous) GMGC Mac & Cheese Lovers with Texas Toast, grilled mac, and cheese bacon, bbq sauce, and pickles. Southern food is so rich and delicious because we don't cut corners on ingredients. We make everything fresh to order, including the dressings and sauces. This means that you get a fantastic meal every time, no matter what time of day or night you order. Same great southern taste...with a twist?

Food is art, love, culture, happiness…and we FUSE it! Old boy meets new girl to create authentic delicacies. We are the original; a full-blown cuisine with a great idea. It's hard to categorize us because we're more than just food, we're an experience.

We thought, why not have modern twists on southern classics that combine the best of both worlds, and have created our menu to reflect this. From Crab cakes to grilled Mac-n-Cheese, to deep fried Oreos...we strive to make "it" a little different; it is Southern cuisine with a fun fusion twist! Our menu will blow your mind, from our double bacon pimento burger or our way finder featuring our lemon Tobasco aioli, We know you're going to love them! So what makes our food truck different?

The people behind the food make it special! Our amazing Chef Chris studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Sacramento, California and after working in and managing just about every restaurant imaginable, he's uniquely suited to meld southern favorites into new dishes that will not only be delicious but you know your order is being prepared by experienced hands that have dedicated years to their craft.

We cater not only to your tastebuds but pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, community involvement, and embodying a culture of positivity, fun, honesty, amazing food, and dedication to quality! We do our best to provide only the freshest, most delicious ingredients to serve you great food fast without compromising quality. Our ingredients are fresh, not frozen or processed, this means they are full of nutrients and taste much better than anything you've had before! Our service is quick and efficient but doesn't cut corners when it comes to the quality of your meal.

To create amazing food! Another reason to love Ella's Eats is that all of our ingredients are sourced as local as possible and we take pride in serving you the finest from Johnston County and surrounding communities.


Our goal is to provide our customers with a culinary experience that they will not forget. We want to be your favorite food truck! We want to spread happiness and joy everywhere we go! Our custom greeting for each guest is ”Tell me something good”! After they tell us, they will get a penny. We refer to them as “Positivity Penny’s”! We encourage our customers to take the pennies and do the same to a random person to spread more positivity and joy all around!

We are always thinking of new and innovative ways to improve our menu and community.

For example, our initiative Chef in the community is aimed at combating homelessness and hunger, we provide meals and partner with Oak City Cares in Raleigh NC to provide food and toiletries. We're hoping that our food truck can not only be a beacon of amazing food but a symbol of hope and prosperity for our community, we believe there are no small efforts.

We're excited about this new chapter and hope you follow us on our journey next time you're in the mood for some finger-licking southern classics, come on down and see us!

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